First Class Details

I think this is going to be an exciting semester—thanks for coming along for the ride. I’m excited about having such a small class; it should allow us to have more freedom for discussion and individualized case studies. Sorry for the confusion about the wired status of our first class—I hope SCS can sort that out by the next time we meet, so please stay tuned for a new classroom.

A few assorted notes:

* Don’t worry about buying and setting up a domain name. We’ll tackle that in class on the 9th.

* Make sure to email me the address of the blog that you set up. I’ll want to start following along and add you to the class blogroll to the right. Also if there’s an email other than your Georgetown email that you’d like me to use, tell me that sooner rather than later.

* Please friend me on Facebook and LinkedIn before our next class—if you don’t have accounts on those two services, you’ll need to create them. We’ll cover in the coming weeks what makes them useful tools.

* Thank you to everyone who voted—the voting wasn’t all that close so our random make-up class will be held Friday, June 13th. That means that, after not meeting for the next two weeks, we’ll catch up on schedule very quickly with three classes in eight days. I understand that a couple of you expressed concern that a Friday meeting conflicts with the Jewish Sabbath and I understand that and so will tape the class as a podcast for you to listen to over the weekend. It will not count towards your two absences as long as you email me ahead of time.

There’s a lot of reading to complete by Monday, June 16th. You’ll need to read Cluetrain Manifesto, We the Media, Naked Conversations, The Long Tail, and The Search by Monday the 16th. If you need to skimp a little bit on the reading (which I would understand), the “long tail” concept can be grasped in just a few pages—the book is mostly case studies and examples of how the “long tail” plays out in society. That said, it’s a pretty easy read and well-written so you might find it easy to plow through.

The plus side, of course, is that the reading drops off very quickly after that—there are only two other books the last six weeks of class. Sorry for the front-loading, but as I said in class, there’s no way to do this other than complete immersion.

So just to clarify what you owe me for our next class meeting June 9th: one blog entry, a couple of links, Cluetrain, We the Media, and Naked Conversations. We’ll spend that class going over blogging tips, looking at what makes a good blog, and then you’ll have another entry and round of links due that week on The Long Tail. For your first blog post, tell me what you think is the most important point in “We the Media” and, of course, why?

[Logistic note: Normally I’ll have this blog post up on Tuesdays rather than Thursdays, but I waited until people had a chance to vote on our make-up class.]

Please email me if you have any questions or outstanding concerns.


2 Responses to First Class Details

  1. everyonelovesavegangirl says:

    I am confused…is the next class the 9th or the 16th? When you mention the 16th, is that just a reference for when readings are due? Are Long Tail and The Search due by the 16th and everything else is due by the 9th? HELP!

  2. Garrett says:

    The next class is the 9th—I mention the 16th just to make sure you’re focused on what’s due in those three rapid-fire class meetings. There’s a lot to cover and I don’t want you to get to the 9th and then realize you have two books to read that next week!

    Here are the due dates per the syllabus:

    June 9: Cluetrain, Naked Conversations, We the Media
    June 13: The Long Tail
    June 16: The Search

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