Wikipedia Reports

So I’ve posted all the links from last night in my class feed. You find the links to all the parts of Wikiscanner and Wikipedia there, as well as the links to the Wikipedia tutorials you’ll need to dive into this project. For two weeks from now (Week 7, July 7), you need to do two things:

(1) Write a new page or substantially edit an existing page within Wikipedia. By substantial, I will be looking for more than 200 words of original material or the equivalent in terms of reorganization or “wikification.” You’re going to be graded not just on your contribution but how well you do within the bounds of Wikipedia—whether your contributions are welcomed, fit within the context of the Talk page within your particular entry, your adherance to NPOV and “notability” guidelines, and the like. You’ll need to spend some time learning the ethos of Wikipedia via its tutorial and reading through the tutorials and talk/discussion pages where you want to make your contribution. You won’t be penalized if your changes are undone, as long as you have a good case for your notability/NPOV, etc., and engage in the discussion if necessary.

(2) Create a report that examines the Wikiscanner report. You may do either a report on a particular organization and all of the edits it has done to the site OR you may report on a single entry and who everyone was who edited that particular article. Here are two examples of the best work from this spring’s class in terms of the Wikiscanner part.


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